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Air Coolers

Authorised Bluestar Dealer in Madurai
Bluestar AC Dealer in Madurai

Bluestar products – Whatever your requirement is, we have multiple products for your needs.
We sell all the Bluestar products like air conditioners, air coolers, water and air purifiers as well as commercial cooling solutions. Reach us to know more.

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Ajantha Cooll - Bluestar Air Coolers | Buy Best Air Coolers in Madurai

Air Coolers | Buy Best Air Coolers in Madurai

If budget is one your main concern buying an Air Cooler can be a great cost-effective choice. The second reason people prefer Air Coolers instead of Air Conditioners is because of its portability and less energy consumption.
Buying an Air Cooler doesn’t compromise your comfort as Bluestar Air Coolers come with loads of features along with various water holding capacities. Bluestar Air Coolers are categorised into different segments like  Personal Air Cooler, Tower Air Coolers, Desert Air Coolers and Window Air Coolers.

1. Personal Air Coolers

personal air cooler madurai

If you are looking for an Air Cooler with minimum capacity and easier on budget, Blue Star Personal Air Cooler can be your ideal choice. As the name suggests, Personal Air Coolers are much more ideal for a single person usage or for a small room.

2. Tower Air Coolers

Tower air cooler madurai

Tower Air Coolers look and function similar to personal air coolers. However, Tower Air Coolers are slightly tall and because of this height, the water storage capacity is slightly more than the previous model.

3. Desert Air Coolers

desert air cooler madurai

If you are looking for the best-in-class air cooler with loads of features and huge water storage capacity, Blue Star Desert Air Cooler is the one you should go with. There are more than half a dozen models of Desert Air Coolers are available depending on your price budget.

4. Window Air Coolers

Air Coolers take some more space than air conditioners. If you have a window in your room and don’t want your air cooler to occupy much space, you can blindly go with Blue Star Window Air Coolers. They are compact, powerful and feature rich.

Bluestar Air Coolers – Features

Bluestar Air Coolers have a huge list of features as mentioned below depending upon the price-tag.

  • Water capacity from 25L up to 90L
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Works on inverter
  • Manual knob function
  • Ice chamber
  • PM 2.5 nano purification
  • Wide-angle air flow
  • Cross drift technology

And the features go on and on. That’s why it is important to have a consultation before deciding on the model as our experts can suggest the perfect Air Cooler suitable for your budget as well as requirement.

Buy best Air Coolers in Madurai at Ajantha Cooll

ou can visit us or call and enquire us to know more details, features and options on Bluestar Air Coolers.

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