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Water Purifiers

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Ajantha Cooll - Water Purifiers | Buy Best Water Purifiers in Madurai

blue star water purifier dealer in madurai

As the groundwater is getting polluted day by day people buy Water Purifiers in order to protect themselves as well as their family members. Water purifiers filter out the unwanted impurities and deliver clean drinkable water as an output. Though their function is the same there are many ways water purifiers work and there are different types of Bluestar Water Purifiers are available. Have a glance at them before you buy a water purifier.

1. Alkaline Antioxidant Water Purifier.

Alkaline antioxidant water purifier Madurai

These Water Purifiers provides alkaline antioxidant water which is healthy, increases pH and reduced oxidation. This is achieved using a special Immuno Boost Technology cartridge.

2. Mineral Water Purifier

Mineral water purifier Madurai

The aqua mineral infuser present in these adds minerals like calcium, magnesium and other minerals that oxygenate water which leads to improved health.

3. RO++ Water Purifier

RO water purifier Madurai

Here the RO removes dissolved impurities, heavy metals and radioactive matter. UV and UO deactivate and eliminates micro-organisms, cysts and viruses leading to perfectly healthy drinking water.

4. UV Water Purifier

uv water purifier Madurai

The ultraviolet light safeguards against the micro-organisms and microbiological impurities present in water. UV purification deactivates bacteria, viruses, protozoa, etc. and ensures that they don’t reproduce further.

Bluestar Water Purifier Features

Bluestar Water Purifiers come with various features mentioned according to type and price point.

  • Tank capacity – 6L – 9.2L
  • Hot, Cold and Ambient pure water.
  • High purification capacity
  • Touch controls
  • Filter change and UV fail alert
  • Aqua taste booster.

These are some general features and depending upon the product you choose; the unique features of each product provide additional facilities and additional water purification and enhancement.

Buy Best Water Purifiers in Madurai at Ajantha Cooll

If you are planning to get a best Bluestar Water Purifier in Madurai, you can either visit us or call us, get your queries clarified and choose your desired model.

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