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AC consultation

Authorised Bluestar Dealer in Madurai
Bluestar AC Dealer in Madurai

Bluestar products – Whatever your requirement is, we have multiple products for your needs.
We sell all the Bluestar products like air conditioners, air coolers, water and air purifiers as well as commercial cooling solutions. Reach us to know more.

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Ajantha Cooll – AC Consultation in Madurai

Ajantha Cooll provides AC consultation for both domestic as well as commercial spaces. Due to lack of consultation, we have observed that many people and organisation do not get the intended output even after installing high-budget premium air conditioners. This is mainly because of five things as follows.
Even a brand-new air conditioner fails to provide the intended output because of the following reasons.

1. Capacity of the AC doesn’t match the room’s requirement.
2. Miscalculation of the room’s heat requirement.
3. Not using a correct AC according to the room’s dimensions.
4. Not using a correct AC according to the purpose.
5. Not analysing the Sun’s direction in the room.

AC Consultation service in Madurai
Custom cooling solutions in Madurai

How our AC consultation solves this issue?

1. First Our experts analyse your room and your requirements.

2. They take the pillars, beams and another component blockage into account during their calculation.

3. Based on the above-mentioned parameters like the room’s dimension, heat requirement and the sun’s direction they suggest you the right type of air conditioner with the right capacity.

4. They provide you a design plan which has to be implemented to get maximum benefit.

5. They suggest you the locations where the AC can be placed to get the optimal output.

In our AC Consultation, all these 5 steps are followed meticulously stage by stage to provide you with the perfect design and implementation plan that can yield us the maximum and efficient output without spending too much money on the wrong products.

You can call us, enquire and book an AC consultation for your home, office or other commercial spaces easily.
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