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AC Repair & AC service

Authorised Bluestar Dealer in Madurai
Bluestar AC Dealer in Madurai

Bluestar products – Whatever your requirement is, we have multiple products for your needs.
We sell all the Bluestar products like air conditioners, air coolers, water and air purifiers as well as commercial cooling solutions. Reach us to know more.

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Ajantha Cooll – AC repair and AC service in Madurai

Any electronic equipment can get issues after a certain amount of usage. We at Ajantha Cooll provide our customers with almost all of the AC repair and AC service in Madurai in the best possible ways. Our AC repair and Ac service includes gas filling, chemical wash, Overhauling and fixing other technical issues. We also provide solutions for general AC repair and AC service like high power consumption, water leakage, odour control, etc.
Let’s see the various AC repair and AC service we provide in detail.

AC Gas Filling

AC gas filling in Madurai

AC gas filling is one of the commonly required services in Madurai. It’s also called AC gas recharging or AC gas refilling.
If your AC is not cooling your environment properly, the lack of gas refrigerant (Freon) might be a common problem. This coolant is the one that cools the air moving over the evaporator coil and the cool air, in turn, keeps your rooms cool. The coolant level might drop because of various reasons and in turn, it affects the cooling performance of the AC.
Our experts analyse your AC and decide whether Gas Filling is necessary or any other steps have to be taken. If the issue is with the coolant, we will do the AC gas filling up to the exact requirement and pressure to achieve the best possible output.

AC Chemical Wash

AC Chemical wash in Madurai

The regular cleaning service of your AC can make it look clean from outside but AC chemical wash is the best option if you want to clean your AC which has not been used for a long duration. AC chemical wash is also the best option if your AC is due for service for many years.
A chemical solvent is used for cleaning all the internal parts of your AC since dust and other substances deposited in your AC’s internal parts might have hardened as it was not cleaned for a long time.
AC chemical wash cleans your AC completely so that after the procedure, your AC will operate like a brand new one. Your AC will be restored to the original capacity same as the day when you bought that initially.

AC overhaul

AC overhauling service in Madurai

When you present AC is filled with lot of issues such as not cooling up to the mark, water leakage, high power consumption, foul smell and so on, you can go for an AC overhaul. AC overhaul is much very much cheaper when comparing to buying a brand-new AC.
Continuing to use a damaged AC can result in bad experience as well as huge electricity bill, whereas buying a new AC might be an expensive plan too if you are on budget, AC overhaul can be the better solution in this case.
Our experts analyse your present AC in detail and let you know whether to go for an AC overhaul or to buy a new one.

AC water Leakage

AC water leakage service in Madurai

AC water leakage is quite a common problem and most people don’t fix it until the issue gets pretty big. AC water leakage may be because of various reasons such as unclean AC filter, blocked drain pipe, damaged condensate tray, incorrect installation, insufficient refrigerant level and so on.

Our experts will analyse each and every possible reason for your AC water leakage and take exact measures to fix them. Since AC water leakage is quite irritative, it’s better to call an expert AC repair and AC service company like Ajantha Cooll for immediate fixing.

AC High Power Consumption

AC Current bill reduction

If your AC has high power consumption, it might be due to various facts like blocked ducts, Blocked filter, blocked vents, Improper AC maintenance and so on.
Sometimes, multiple reasons can bring the end result of AC high power consumption. In order to fix the high-power consumption by your AC, our experts will first evaluate and verify the possible reasons. They then execute the necessary steps like AC filter cleaning, AC duct cleaning or AC overhaul, etc. This will significantly reduce your AC power consumption which results in reducing the monthly EB bill.

AC Noise reduction

AC noise reduction service in Madurai

After a certain duration of usage, your AC might start to make some disturbing noises or the regular sound of your AC might have changed. AC noise reduction can be easily achieved by proper maintenance of your AC at regular intervals.
AC noise can also be due to electrical or mechanical failure inside your AC. Sometimes, it might be because of some dust particles or insects got caught into any of the ducts or filters. These can be solved easily through a detailed AC cleaning by our experts.
For a proper maintenance of your AC at affordable pricing, you might also have a look on our AC Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).

AC odour control

AC bad smell service in Madurai

If your AC produces odour which tends to get intense every time you switch it on, you might require our AC odour control service.
Your AC might produce odour because of different reasons like gas leakage, electronical equipment burns, water leakage and mildew formation, it can even sometimes because of dead animals and insects inside the air duct.

Our experts will identify the major cause of the AC odour and will do the necessary cleaning process or fix the faulty electronical parts.

Quality Spare Parts

AC spare parts in Madurai

We do the reconditioning and provide complete AC Repair Services for all varieties of Air conditioners which includes window AC, split AC, and central air conditioners as well. Ajantha Cooll Service offers AC repair for almost all high-end AC brands such as Bluestar, Voltas, Haier, Daikin, LG,
Samsung, Godrej, Onida, Carrier, General, Panasonic, Hitachi and more.

We cater to domestic, commercial and industrial air conditioners as well. Bulk repairing jobs are
everyday tasks for us. We believe in using only quality spare parts for AC repairs.

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